Interview with . . . In Your Memory



In Your Memory is a post hardcore band from Washington D.C., except for one band member from Cleveland.

Their latest album, Failure to Launch, came out in July 2017. You can find it at the usual places – Spotify, bandcamp, iTunes. In Your Memory just finished up a tour with Emery, As Cities Burn and LOYALS. The band members are Omar Veras, Casey Reid, Alex Scott, Troy Humphrey and Jonathan Shephard.

They are a band that is new to me and I wanted to find out more before they come back to Cleveland.  Omar Veras, lead singer of In Your Memory, fielded the questions on behalf of the band.


Who in the group is from Cleveland? How did they wind up meeting the other band members?

Casey is originally from Parma, which is right outside of Cleveland. We linked up through a friend that played in another local DMV band when we were auditioning new guitarists a few years ago.


Who is your favorite superhero? Real or fiction.

Not to be cliche but my mother…I’ve seen this woman go hell & back for her family sacrificing herself always. Even still after her heart attack, she kept a straight face, I love you vieja! On the fiction side…hands down The Flash is my dude!

Do you think that more kids will experience a failure to launch?

Hopefully they do. The way I see it failing is apart of life…show me someone who hasn’t failed and ill show you someone who isn’t successful.

Would people go to shows if they couldn’t take their phone?

I know so! It would turn into a “secret” that only those who join see. Plus other than chaos we also push our passion level to the limit which means anyone watching will feel like they are part of the show sharing those emotions in each song.


Does it bother you when people film the your shows?

I’m split down the middle! Although I’m all for “in the moment experiences” but I love the fact that you can also show your friends the chaos that goes on when IYM hits the stage. For me, as long as those folks bring more friends next time I’m for it!


Where was your first show?

One of the first shows I can remember was in Virginia when we opened up for Twelve Foot Ninja. That was the first time we were all comfortable enough to command the stage.

Who chose to do the Mulan cover? Do you still play it during shows? (The video is hilarious by the way.)

After bouncing several ideas around, Troy mentioned the song from Mulan. After several play throughs we all got on board. I’m glad you loved the video concept. No, lol we don’t play it live. I think I’ve played it live acoustically in the past but never full band!

What do you love about Washington D.C.?

The culture…I can honestly say DC is the melting pot of the US. We have it all!


Are there any videos that you watch repeatedly?

Lately, I’ve been glued to the NPR Music channel on youtube. It’s a series of stripped down songs performed by their artist. The top 2 I’ve been playing repeatable are the ones from Chance the Rapper & Anderson .Paak, you need to check those out!

Are there any causes/organizations that you support?

Definitely! All things against domestic violence and keeping everyone awareness of police brutality towards ethnic groups. A few local organizations that come to mind are and



Failure to Launch on Spotify

“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” video on YouTube


Sleep Deprived Music Review: J and the 9s





J and the 9s have a newer album available for your listening pleasure. I was supposed to tell you about this album a few months ago. Apparently, my brain was not cooperating. So this may not be an actual review – don’t be surprised most of my reviews are non-reviews. I mostly just point you in a direction of good bands and their albums

Their new album, the terrible twos, is available on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

Of course, I like it. I’m their number 1 fan of all time.

My only complaint is that it is a short album. There are only five songs. Two of the songs are the same, except that one is the radio version and one is not.

Their music reminds me of rebelling against adulting. Whenever I feel like I should be more like normal adults, I listen to J and the 9s. They have so much energy. Maybe the album is short because they are exhausted and have run out of candy.


P.S. Here are several links. (Since I am their #1 fan, I know all of their online hangouts. For the love of God, please follow them on Twitter.)

J and the 9s on Twitter

J and the 9s on Instagram

J and the 9s on iTunes

Terrible Twos on Spotify

J and the 9s website

J and the 9s on bandcamp

J and the 9s on cdbaby

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Mosey



What band? Name of album

Mosey. The Way We Remember. Their record label is Know Hope Records.


They are listed under alternative rock and punk rock. I think they are alternative and slightly punk.

Is it good?

It’s a pretty decent album. I have no complaints. It’s a little more laid back than what I usually listen to on the radio.

Is it different?

Not exactly. Sometimes every band sounds like ten other bands to me.

Does it remind you of other bands?

It reminds me a little bit of Weezer. Not entirely. I think the lead singer sounds like the singer for Death Cab for Cutie.

Would you recommend it to other people?

Yeah, I think other people will like it. It’s not offensive. Hardly any cursing or screaming. So if you like cursing and screaming, you might not like this album as much.

Did you enjoy listening to the album?

Yes, it was enjoyable. I didn’t feel like stabbing myself in the ears so that is a plus.The song, “By Heart,”is also really good.

I like the song “Know Your Hair.” However, I am obsessed with my hair.


Where can you find it?


Mosey Bandcamp

Mosey on Twitter

On a scale of 1 to 5.

I’m terrible at giving scores. How about a 3.5?


Destino’s Interview with . . . Chrysalis

Destino's Interview with . . . Chrysalis

So what did I do today? Oh you know, I took the kid to the park. Then I took the kid to dentist. I also interviewed Yessi Burton from Chrysalis. All in a day’s work, right? Yessi is the first interviewee that has read my blog. So while I was researching Chrysalis, he was researching me. We had a very entertaining conversation. Well, I was entertained anyway.
The band members are Yessi Burton, Chris Norris, Billy Norris, Gabe Gallego and Jared Sturgis. Seriously, go see these guys live when they’re in a town near you. They’ll be in Ohio on July 28. So maybe they’ll be playing in my backyard around that date. We’ll bring the beverages. My neighbor’s rooster will be so mad for keeping him awake. 🙂 I can’t wait. Paybacks rooster, paybacks.

How did you decide on Chrysalis as a name?
It’s worked to our advantage and disadvantage. It’s just as equally difficult to spell. It’s not a good or bad thing. It might alienate us from some people. People who seek us out are more likely to stick around.

When did you know that you wanted to be in a band?
I knew I wanted to be in a band when my uncle took me to first Van Halen concert. It was at the Blockbuster pavilion. Now it’s the San Manuel Amphitheater. It’s a huge venue. They have Ozzfest and other big shows. When we entered and took our seats, I saw the huge speaker and equipment and all of their stuff. I knew I wanted to be up there with all of that stuff. That’s when I knew. I was 100% certain. I never considered anything else. I have to hand it to my uncle for the opportunity.

Do you have any mentors?
Yeah, Patrick Teasley was my guitar teacher. He was a local instructor in Bartstow. He was a friend of my dad and my uncle. My aunt wanted to make sure I was capitalizing on my improvement (after getting better at guitar). I took lessons for about five or six years. A lot of good instruction. Some musicians say they learn it naturally. To say you are completely self-instructed, it’s bullshit. Everyone has some sort of instruction.
Patrick has been living in Florida. He is one of the best musicians I know. Probably giving lessons in Florida now. Billy and Chris were taught my their dad (Side note: Billy plays the drums. Chris plays the guitar). My uncle was the only one in my entire family who was musically proficient. My other family members are more like “Why are you doing that?” They don’t get the new waves and trends.

Tell me about the Battle of the Bands for the Warped Tour.
We’ve played the Warped Tour before. It’s not that big of a deal. Our focal point is working with our agency to get better shows.
For our next tour, we leave on July 5th. Going to florida, New York. Going to all 50 states hopefully.
There’s this one thing that I’d like to mention. We’re holding a fundraiser for the next tour. It will cover a small percentage of touring. Food, lodging, transportation. Enough to keep a group of guys on the road. Visit to make a donation.

I read that you guys got stuck somewhere for a week while on the road. Do you think it make the band closer/stronger?
I think we’ve been as close as we want to be as a band. Breaking down and going through shit like that we’re a functional unit. Extended family rather than just a bunch of friends. Almost like I’m still home. I believe we were stuck in Rockford, Northern California. Transmission went out. 8 of us. Five band members. Two roadies. And a manager, who doesn’t usually roll with us but this time he did. So during the 5 days, we trashed the hotel, played football games. We pestered our manager. He would be sitting on his bed with his laptop. He’s a quiet guy.
We took multiple showers during the day because there wasn’t anything to do. Same animal planet shows over and over. There was nothing to do but get close to each other.

How long have you had the handlebar mustache? How did that come about?
I got it for almost 3 years. It started out as a bet between a friend. We were going to go 2 years without shaving our mustaches. He lost the bet within 2 months. I ran with it. When I commit to something, that’s that. If I commit, I’m going to keep it for 2 years and keep it for 2 more years just to show people I mean business. People notice that first before the music.

Is there anywhere you guys would like to play that you haven’t yet?
Ohio. We’ll come play a personal show for Holley.

You guys could come play in my backyard. It’s pretty big.
Are there any bands or musicians that you would like to collaborate with?

Yeah, I would really like to collaborate with Santana. That would be really cool to have a basic rock rhythm and have him come out and do a solo.
I would like to do a collaboration with a band that really inspired me . . a lot of their sound in our music. Lacuna Coil. They are an Italian band. I would sneak backstage whenever they came to town. Cristina Scabbia was the singer. If I could do a song with her. . . The next album is going to have a lot of female vocals. So female collaboration is going to be mandatory for our next CD.

Guilty pleasure? Any bands/musicians that you almost hate to admit that you love?
Yeah, there are a lot of those. All of the guys have those. We’re into a variety of music. One Republic. Just because they have 90s boy band appeal. But their sound is really good. Those guys are really on top of their pop game. I cringe when I watch the music videos. They are geared toward 12 year old girls. It kind of makes me want to vomit. When you compare, today’s pop and 90s pop, there were a lot more characters, like O-Town. Pop stars were a lot more colorful back then.
That’s one thing I hear in every interview. Every artist wants to think that they’re doing something different. There are forms of music that are strictly traditional. Now it’s a constant uphill battle to get the most original song. People are trying to zero in on successful music and get successful themselves. A Business plan if you will. The latest go around with Lady Gaga is similar to Madonna’s plan. You’d have to be stupid not to do it because it was so successful. What’s wrong with being traditional? A bunch of guys in a garage rocking the fuck out. I don’t want to much to change about that. I don’t want to change our sound because we’re trying to do something different. Bands have been together for 10 years and they are seasoned. Yeasayer is one of my recent influences. They are doing something different without trying to do something different. They’re from New York.

What did you do for a living before Chrysalis?
Yeah, I had a variety of day jobs. In Barstow, there are a lot of hotels. We’re between two of the largest metro areas. Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We get a lot of traffic. I worked as a hotel clerk. I could quit to go on tour. I’d come back and jump back into a different hotel. I worked at 10 different hotels in 3 years. I interview well.
I also did tutoring. Helped kids with science, math. Whatever they needed help with. I have students here and there that I teach guitar to now. I definitely won’t get behind the desk of a hotel. That graveyard shift. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was driving me insane. All of my friends were well-rested.

Tell me a little about Camp Southern Ground.
Our manager chose that as somewhere to donate to. I’m not too sure.
(It’s a camp for kids with special needs and typical needs.)

Roth or Hagar?
Ummmm. How could you do this to me? I’m gonna say Sammy. Sammy is just more of a front man. Just a cool guy. Roth is such a prima donna. One interesting thing about Roth that I learned not too long ago. Did you know that he was an EMT? So that makes it a hard decision. I’m gonna go with Roth on those terms. When he’s not touring, he’s saving lives.

Tour Dates:
July 5
The Epicentre
San Diego, CA | 6:00PM Tickets

Long Beach, CA | 8:00PM

Southern Nevada Sports Centre
Las Vegas, NV | 5:00PM

Gary’s Place
Tucson, AZ | 7:00PM

The Drunken Lass
Prescott, AZ | 7:00PM

JUL 10
Albuquerque, NM | 7:00PM

JUL 12
whiskey river- amarillo, texas
amarillo, TX | 7:00PM

JUL 13
Dallas, TX | 4:00PM

JUL 14
Red Eyed Fly
Austin, TX | 7:30PM

JUL 16
The White Swan Live
Houston, TX | 7:00PM

•July 17th – Louisiana

• July 18th – Alabama

•July 19th – Florida

•July 20th – Florida

• July 21st – Georgia

• July 22nd – Chapel Hill NC –

• July 23rd – Washington DC/Baltimore

• July 24th – Philadelphia

• July 25th – Brookfield CT

•July 26th – New York/New Jersey

• July 27th – Pittsburgh

• July 28th – Ohio

• July 29th – Indianapolis IN

•July 30th – Michigan

• July 31st – Chicago

• August 1st – Cherry Valley IL

• August 2nd – St. Louis

• August 3rd – Kansas

• August 4th – Iowa

• August 5th – Nebraska

• August 6th – Colorado

• August 7th – Colorado

• August 8th – Salt Lake City

• August 9th – Utah

• August 16th – Seattle

Destino’s Interview with . . . Stolen Babies

@wendybirdfotos. From Facebook profile
@wendybirdfotos. From Facebook profile

This interview was going to be recorded but due to some technical difficulties, we had to do an old school interview. Luckily, they still make pens and paper.
I was very excited to do the interview with Dominique Persi from Stolen Babies. She was very punctual, which is rare for a musician. Persi was calling from California. Luckily, we had our timing right in spite of difference in time zones.

How old were you when you began playing the accordion?

15, 16, 17. . . I can’t remember. I started taking lessons when I was 17. It was brief, for about a year.

How did you become interested in the accordion?

My father had one in the house. He was forced into playing it. My brother played it. He was a big influence. Since he played it first, it peaked my curiosity. I was probably about 13 when I heard my brother play.
In the band before Stolen Babies, it was more instrumental. So I didn’t bring material for vocals. The accordion was my instrument. I play the electric bass but I wasn’t going to bring it. Rani already played the bass.
There was an incentive to play the accordion around other musicians. As a vocalist, I felt connected to the accordion. It breathes, has a set of lungs. I felt connected to the way it breathes. I had a knack for the breathing.

Do you have any favorite venues?
I have a lot. We started touring frequently about two years ago. We’ve played the Palladium in Wooster, Massachusetts. We’ve played the big room and the second slot in the smaller room. It was a lot of fun. Both rooms have appeal. I like being closer to people.
Peabody’s in Cleveland, Ohio also had multiple rooms. It was dirty and smelly but I like dirty, smelly venues. The old cigarettes and old beer has the smell of a club. It’s a comforting smell to me. Peabody’s had that smell.

Do you feel like you have to work harder because you are a female in a rock band?
Not harder. There’s a difference in the way genders are looked at. I’m in a band with guys that it doesn’t matter that I’m a female. I work harder because I’m not a Sharone brother.
Females may feel like they have to make a name for themselves.
I’m not trying to make a name for myself. I’m not an icon. The female voice may be a turn off in certain genres.
If you’re not attractive or too attractive, in that way – it’s hard.

Who does your makeup when you’re on tour? </strong

I do my makeup. Eyeliner is like a pair of shoes. It’s second on the list of priorities – shoes and then eyeliner. Makeup is a huge thing. I’m not comfortable until I put on a mask. So the makeup is a layer.
I admire people who can co on stage without makeup. I’m not at that point yet.

What is your favorite Tim Burton movie?
I’m not a fan of current Tim Burton movies. Sleepy Hollow was the end of the Tim Burton fandom for me. Beetlejuice and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is a perfect movie. Tim Burton’s appeal is the comedic timing. Pacing is important.

What do you do during downtime?
I like to go hiking. There are great forests up here. I spend as much time as possible in the forest. I need that escape. I love the beach too.

Do you have any side projects?
I don’t. I write material thinking if I want to do a solo album. I’ll turn Rani’s stuff down because it’s not the right vibe.
We try to make material that will work in the band.
I want to work with my boyfriend who writes great stuff. It’s nice to have our own projects separate from each other. He is brilliant. I’m a fan of what he does musically.
I did a guest vocal on Devin Townsend’s album, Ziltoid 2. (

Do you have any goals?
I’d like the Stolen Babies to be more prolific. We write but have trouble. The execution is the challenge. I’d like to do more stuff with the Stolen Babies before we end. More songs, more albums. Things that we want to do to put a period on it. I’d also like to do a concept album based on the band we were in, the Fratelli’s.

Do you have any mentors?
Not mentors. No. My boyfriend, people that I surround myself with. Rani has been a mentor since I met him. No famous idols right now. When I was a kid, Danny Elfman was but not now.

from Stolen Babies Facebook profile
from Stolen Babies Facebook profile

If you would like to see the Stolen Babies as much as I do, this is a list of upcoming shows.

Upcoming tour dates:
07/15/14 New York, NY Irving Plaza United States

07/16/14 Worcester, MA Upstairs @ The Palladium United States

07/17/14 Montreal, QB Le National Canada

07/18/14 Toronto, QC The Mod Club Canada

07/19/14 Pontiac, MI The Crofoot Ballroom United States

07/21/14 Lawrence, KS Granada United States

07/22/14 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater United States

07/24/14 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom United States

07/25/14 West Hollywood, CA The Roxy United States

For more information, visit their website at They have some great shirts in the merch section.

Destino’s Interview with . . . Lydia Can’t Breathe

Recently, I had an interview with Kyle Bolduc, the singer for Lydia Can’t Breathe. He also plays the guitar. Lydia Can’t Breathe is a metal band but they are difficult to categorize. I think they play a little something for everyone.
They will definitely be going on tour this summer. Their band’s website is if you want to check out their videos and tour dates.

So you’re in Detroit tonight?
We just got to Harpo’s. Lot of big bands and a Lot of history at this place in general.
They tell you not to cross the bridge or whatever.

I read that you guys just played at Al-Rosa Villa in Columbus? How was your experience there?

My aunt lives there. We played there a week ago. It was a really good show. A good turnout. The crowd was really responsive. It’s famous for a bad reason obviously but it’s a good venue.

What or who inspired the band’s name?
Actually, the movie “Beetlejuice.” We’re big movie buffs. Lydia Deets is Wynona Ryder’s character in the movie. And we were just watching the movie with the guitar player, Dan. We were watching movie – trying to get something started. We had to come up with a band name because we had a show in a week. Dan was freaking out because we were wasted. He was like “I can’t breathe.” He started having a panic attack or something. When he came to, then something happened on the TV and I said “Lydia Can’t Breathe man.” Then I said “Dude – that should be the band name.” So that’s pretty much how we came up with it.

Have you played in Colorado since marijuana was legalized?
I have. Not recreational but when it was . . . We’ve been to a couple of the hookah shops. We’ve played there and had a good ol’ time. We definitely love going there. Everybody smokes out. We’re a big stoner band and we love that place. It’s our favorite place honestly.
We went out with Otep. We also went out with Mushroomhead last year as well. They have shops. If you sign up for a day pass, you can just go to the shops. They’re like coffee shops. They have this place called The Lazy Lion. It’s ridiculous. We enjoy going there. It’s in Colorado Springs. Every time we go there, we go there and hang out. We know the guy that owns it.
We haven’t been there since people can get it all of the time.

How did you guys meet? You’re all from Florida, right?
Yeah, We were all based out of Florida. Me and Dan have been friends since high school. (Dan Wilson is the other guitar player.) We originally started the project. Then we found our drummer, Josh Runfeldt, two or three years into the project. We played for five years with another bass player. Then about a year and a half ago, we switched out our bass player. We got a friend, Shawn,that was in another band from the area where we’re from. We’d always known him and played shows with him. His band was breaking up at the time and our bass player quit. So we were like “Hey man, do you wanna come play with us?” So that’s when Shawn Goree joined the band.

Did you have any mentors or teachers that influenced you?
Yeah, I actually took lessons from Paul Chapman, he used to be in the UFO’s, an eighty metal band. He taught me a lot of that I know. Then I also took lessons from a Berkley graduate, this guy named Michael Leisure. I think he might have been a Berkley professor. But he wasn’t at the time that he was giving me lessons. He just moved to Florida. And I linked up with him. He taught me a lot of stuff. And I just took it from there.

Are you still hands-on when setting up or tearing down the equipment?
Yeah, we do. We have two techs too. We have a merch guy and a light and production guy as well. Most of our rigs, We still do a lot of loading and unloading. We don’t have the budget for a whole crew.

The Merch guys are my best friends.
You gotta have someone cool. If the guys a jerk to people, you’re not gonna sell any merch. Merch is like ½ of it. You rely on the guarantees for gas and stuff. It’s literally the merch. If you kill it on the merch, that’s when you start seeing a profit.

What’s your day job?
I’m touring and I’m also a sound guy. I have a sound and light company. It’s called Bifym Sound. ( It’s based out of central Florida. It’s me and the guy that comes on the road. Actually, both of the guys that come on the road work with me. Then I have another partner, Brendon Keith. He’s my partner at Spinnit Records. (

Is there anyone you’d like to see in concert?
I’d like to see the Beatles but that probably is not gonna happen. It would have been amazing to see the Beatles. I got to see Stevie Wonder play piano. Me and my drummer got to see him play. I was like “Oh my gosh, we’re never forget this.” It was crazy.

What do you guys do during downtime?

We watch movies. Our drummer is the only one that is more of a drinker. We try to hang out with fans and see family in the area. Always gotta score food and make sure we get to the venue on time. That’s the most important thing.
I’ve seen “Godzilla” on this tour. Me, my drummer, Waylon, Fitch and Jeffrey Nothing from Mushroomhead went to see Godzilla. We’re supposed to go see the new X-Men movie tomorrow during the day. I heard it was awesome.

Have you seen Captain America?
Yeah, it was really good. It was amazing.

Roth or Hagar?
I’m gonna have to go with Roth. Hagar is good but I just gotta go with the original guy.

Check out their videos too! I look forward to seeing them in concert very soon. Hopefully, there will be time for some selfies with the band. I didn’t tell Kyle that I am Wynona Ryder’s twin. It should be interesting.