Interview with . . . In Your Memory

In Your Memory is a post hardcore band from Washington D.C., except for one band member from Cleveland. Their latest album, Failure to Launch, came out in July 2017. You can find it at the usual places – Spotify, bandcamp, iTunes. In Your Memory just finished up a tour with Emery, As Cities Burn andContinue reading “Interview with . . . In Your Memory”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: J and the 9s

      J and the 9s have a newer album available for your listening pleasure. I was supposed to tell you about this album a few months ago. Apparently, my brain was not cooperating. So this may not be an actual review – don’t be surprised most of my reviews are non-reviews. I mostlyContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: J and the 9s”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Mosey

  What band? Name of album Mosey. The Way We Remember. Their record label is Know Hope Records. Genre They are listed under alternative rock and punk rock. I think they are alternative and slightly punk. Is it good? It’s a pretty decent album. I have no complaints. It’s a little more laid back thanContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Mosey”

Destino’s Interview with . . . Chrysalis

So what did I do today? Oh you know, I took the kid to the park. Then I took the kid to dentist. I also interviewed Yessi Burton from Chrysalis. All in a day’s work, right? Yessi is the first interviewee that has read my blog. So while I was researching Chrysalis, he was researchingContinue reading “Destino’s Interview with . . . Chrysalis”

Destino’s Interview with . . . Stolen Babies

This interview was going to be recorded but due to some technical difficulties, we had to do an old school interview. Luckily, they still make pens and paper. I was very excited to do the interview with Dominique Persi from Stolen Babies. She was very punctual, which is rare for a musician. Persi was callingContinue reading “Destino’s Interview with . . . Stolen Babies”

Destino’s Interview with . . . Lydia Can’t Breathe

Recently, I had an interview with Kyle Bolduc, the singer for Lydia Can’t Breathe. He also plays the guitar. Lydia Can’t Breathe is a metal band but they are difficult to categorize. I think they play a little something for everyone. They will definitely be going on tour this summer. Their band’s website is reading “Destino’s Interview with . . . Lydia Can’t Breathe”

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