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the nearly deads: a to z challenge


What can you say about The Nearly Dead? They are a female-fronted rock band that has a zombie obsession.

They sound like my new best friends. We could talk about music and “The Walking Dead.”  We could plan zombie photoshoots, zombie prom, zombie slumber parties and the zombie after-party. How great would it be to take a trips to zombie attractions, like the set of “The Walking Dead” or the zombie shopping mall?

For the moment, seeing them in concert will have to do.


New Levels of Fangirlness: The Walking Dead

I always wondered what would happen if one of my friends spoiled an episode of “The Walking Dead.” I thought, “None of my friends are that insensitive and rude.”

Then I thought, “If they have spoilers in their Facebook status, I will probably just unfollow them until the season is over.” They’ll understand, right?

But noooo. I was totally wrong.

Not only did my friend have spoilers, he was extremely unapologetic about it. Apparently, he doesn’t realize that not everyone can watch the episode at the appointed time. Some of us work second shift and have to wait until a later time.

So I unfriended him. I might not ever friend him again – on Facebook or in real life.


I don’t usually curse at people. It’s not my thing. Hopefully, since the cursing was in Old English that it’s not quite as offensive. Nevermind. I meant it in Old English and current English.

People take their television shows seriously. I’m one of those people.

The moral of this story is to not spoil shows for your friends. You might not have many friends left by the end of the season.

Walking Dead Haiku Comment: NaBloPoMo


Tell us about a comment you left that was a masterpiece.

I do not know if my comments could be called “masterpieces.” Most of my comments are too short. Haikus can be masterpieces though.
My comments that I do like are usually on posts about “The Walking Dead” or “Orange is the New Black.” D. Parker has so many great posts about “The Walking Dead.” I comment on as many as I can.
If I was going to leave a haiku comment for D. Parker at http://yadadarcyyada.com/ it might look like:

Hey Yada Parker,

Walking Dead we love so much!

Daryl! Angel Wings

Zombies: A to Z Challenge


Up until the last few years, I didn’t really watch zombie movies or television shows. So thank you “The Walking Dead.” I love this show, even though it grosses me out. It helps to have a strong stomach. (If it weren’t for those food allergies, I’d be golden.)
Last fall, Lucas and I went to the Wizard’s World/Ohio Comic Con. There were zombies everywhere. Most of the cast of “The Walking Dead” were making appearances. I saw Norman Reedus from a distance and Michael Rooker up close. It was awesome! Hopefully, we can go next year. I think Norman Reedus will be there again. 🙂



Check out TAG Graphics if you haven’t already. Lots of “The Walking Dead” stuff plus other cool things.

Favorite Villain: Michael Rooker aka Merle Dixon


One of the best villains on television, or movies for that matter, is Merle Dixon on “The Walking Dead.” The character is played by Michael Rooker.
In my opinion, Merle is just as villainous as J.R. Ewing. I think that the audience loves to hate both characters.
Neither of the characters were nice by any means. However, I think that Merle did have genuine love for his brother, Daryl. I’m sure that many of you have heard of Daryl, who is played by Norman Reedus.
I think that the fact that he wants to protect his brother is possibly his only redeeming quality. I also think that in spite of being a terrible human being, he somehow remains, dare I say . . . charming. Now that I think about it I think people have said the same thing about serial killers.

P.S. I broke the rules to take that picture. Just sayin. Totally worth it! 🙂

Blogtember: Review of Tag Graphics

Blogtember: Review of Tag Graphics

My friend of a friend, Tracy, designs the best t-shirts and prints for Tag Graphics . She has several Walking Dead t-shirts and accessories. She also has a pretty cool Sherlock Holmes t-shirt.
The picture and design are Tracy’s. I borrowed them to show you guys how awesome her prints are.

She is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheTraceyGurney. There is also a link to her Etsy shop. Seriously, check it out! You will not be disappointed.