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30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 5


It’s official. I am hooked on Yoga again. We are totally going to get back together. Many, many moons ago, I was introduced to Yoga. I was in my 20s and trying to recover from a terrible breakup. Yoga really helped me then like a good rebound boyfriend should. Alas, I didn’t stick with Yoga like I should have.
So 14 years later,I was still missing Yoga. I feel like Yoga was the one that got away. With a little stalking and a little bit of re-commiting, Yoga and I have started a relationship. Hopefully, it will be for good this time.

This is a link to the video that I found on omcities.com. The site also has other information about meditation and spirituality. It’s definitely worth at least one visit.

Don’t let Yoga be the one that got away!


30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 2


It’s day two of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I have survived the first day relatively pain-free. Today, I will be watching a video on http://yogayak.com.
My friend, Kimberly at https://anewperspectiveperhaps.wordpress.com/ suggested taking an actual yoga class with real people. I think that I will look into it in the spring. I really dislike going anywhere during the winter. Sometimes, we get snowed in here. So until winter ends . . . online yoga classes will do. Hopefully, I will find a local place with yoga classes when I come out of hibernation.
There is a Yoga Inspiration page on Facebook. If you want to visit, this is the link

This is the link to the video that I will be watching this afternoon.


It is a pretty good video for beginning yoga. It’s 53 minutes long but I only had time for 30 minutes. The first few minutes consists of talking. The theme of this class was using your own strength, which really resonated with me. The instructor recited a poem by Danna Faulds called “Bold Strength.” I had a lovely time doing yoga today.

The Hunger is Real: NaBloPoMo

Have you ever tried to break a habit and failed? What made it so difficult to break?

Does being fat count as a bad habit? If so, then staying fat and not really caring if I lost weight has been my bad habit for the last six years.
Little Debbie snack cakes and French fries have made it difficult to break. Oh, and I don’t have much will power.

It has finally happened. I am sick of being fat. In my head, I feel like I’m skinny. So what changed my mind? My mom bought me a velour track suit for Christmas. It’s lovely but I don’t picture young, thin people wearing it. Yes, yes. Young, thin people wear whatever they want, including track suits.

I just don’t want to wear sweatpants. Ever. It will be like admitting defeat and fatness has won.


Boo to you sweatpants – even the beautiful, red velour ones under my Christmas tree.

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1


Yoga eluded me last year. This year I need to make time for it – even if it’s just 20 minutes.
Today, I’m going to try a video that I found at http://www.doyogawithme.com/. In the next 30 days, it will be interesting to see if Yoga has been helpful to me at all. I would also like to try several different online classes to see what works and what doesn’t. This was my goal last year. Apparently, I wasn’t ready to get in shape or give up junk food.
Along with Yoga, I’m also trying to eat less junk food and drink more water. I may not be able to give up ice cream totally but a little here and there should be fine. Everything in moderation, right?
So I’m going to try and take a break in the afternoon and try out some new Yoga videos.

I tried this video out today. It was pretty good. The instructor was pleasant. I didn’t feel like punching her in the face at all, so that’s an improvement over past workout videos. I also felt like I worked muscles that are underworked. All in all it was a good time for the first day of the Yoga challenge.