Happy Father’s Day to Lucas!



Eva and Lucas tell me all of the time that Lucas is not Eva’s dad. She tells strangers at the store that he is not her dad. However, Lucas has been a good father figure to Eva. He does stuff with her that dad’s do. Or should do. He is not obligated to do things like play karate or push her on the tire swing. But he does. When they think I’m blogging, I’m really watching them have fun and smiling. Just smiling.
Eva made this card for Lucas for Father’s Day. Seriously, I cried for about five minutes. It’s so sweet and true.
She’s been asking for a little brother for several weeks. It’s not in the cards this year kid. 🙂
So Happy Father’s Day Lucas & to all the good people who take care of kids even though you don’t have to. There should be a card for you guys. Hallmark needs to get on that project.

It says
My dad is 34 years old.
His hair is blac and his eyes are brown.
He loves to eat corne.
He likes to wear man shirt. (What is a man shirt?)
He likes to watch Jaws 2.
His favorite color is blac and green.
He is smart because he knows I should listen at school.
It makes my dad happy when he wins karate.
I really love it when he kiss me.
If I could give my dad anything, it would be a hug.
If he could go on a trip, he would go to the park and he would take me and my mom.
My favorite thing about my dad is he is smarte.


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  1. This so beautiful I teared up! My grandson has a wonderful father figure too and it blesses my heart to watch them together. These men are special xox

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