Best Comment Ever: NaBloPoMo


“This so beautiful I teared up! My grandson has a wonderful father figure too and it blesses my heart to watch them together. These men are special xox” – From Queasy Peasy @

Queasy Peasy was commenting on the post that I wrote about Lucas and Eva for Father’s Day.
I’ve had so many great comments that it was hard to choose one. I chose this one because I made someone cry in a good way. It was totally different than when I was a grammar Nazi and made people cry after editing their term paper or poetry.
In a way, I made someone feel something which is better than making someone feel nothing. So it means I’m doing a decent job at this blog thing. 🙂
Plus, Queasy and I can relate to each other about this whole father figure topic. Relating to people is one of my favorite things about writing and blogging.
Thanks Queasy!! I always enjoy your comments.

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