DIY Scrapbook Area: Update


The plan for redoing the scrapbook area was to add a couple shelves and reorganize all of the stuff on the desk. It really should have been done by Monday.
However, I ran into a snafu. I don’t know anything about drills or drill bits. My boyfriend bought the right drill bit for me. He’s very excited to see this area organized. (He said he was a “bit” excited. Get it? He’s so funny.)
I have made some progress. One shelf is partially up. Only partially because I still don’t know much about drills. A little while ago, I sent my boyfriend a text to ask how to get the drill bit out and put the screwdriver part on. He sent a message back so I will be studying that message for awhile. I may have to meditate for awhile before and after dealing with the drill.

Tomorrow is another day. I plan to conquer the drill tomorrow. Let’s see if I can finish the area by the end of the week.

P.S. I’m not left-handed. This could be part of the problem.

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