if we were having coffee: please bring alcohol

Another winter storm is upon us. I’m here with my kids watching them play Skylanders . . . again. It might be better for me if I had some alcohol in my coffee. Please bring some Bailey’s.
Maybe I’ll see what my mom is doing. If I’m lucky, she’ll have chores for me. Anything is better than this video game nonsense, except for driving teenagers in this weather. Thank you winter storm. I just cannot win today.
I didn’t get press passes to the comic book convention. There’s always next year.


  1. 82 degrees here and I am not trying to flaunt it – – I soooo hate the heat and sun and feel incredibly gypped out of fireplaces and cozy hot cocoa moments with my family. They just all want to be outside enjoying the weather and on the go – – very lonely when you the sun hurts your eyes, even with the best sunglasses and you just feel depleted and blech in weather over 65. I think I have the opposite affliction as people with SAD.

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