if we were having coffee: migraine edition

Oh my glob. Why is the sun so bright? Probably because I have a migraine and cannot enjoy sunlight today.

If we were having coffee:

  • It would have to be in a dark room. Otherwise, I would have to get those sunglass things that attach to glasses. You know . . . the ones like grandmas have. All I would be missing is the plastic rain scarf/hat. Super styling yo.
  • Would you mind coming over to my house? You can sit on the red chair. My boyfriend is gone for the day so you can sit there. I’ll be over here laying on the bed in probably the most unsexy pose ever. If only I had one of those ice pack mask things. They are effective and ridiculous. It’s like the silliest superhero mask ever made. Very unsexy.
  • I would tell you how much I have would like a Khal Drogo shirt. There’s got to be a decent one somewhere in this universe.
  • We’re still debating the drive to Indianapolis. The five hour drive. Five hour drive with three kids. Five hour drive with three kids- a teenager, a video game addict and one with hyperactive tendencies. It could be the basis for a great book.
  • I found another mug that I must have. It comes in a hoodie too. Must have as soon as I can stand the sun again.
  • http://www.redbubble.com/people/charsheee/works/11638117-game-of-thrones-daenerys-and-khal-drogo?p=mug
  • Please send those granny sunglass things. (I have to go downstairs. That’s where the food is.) Or these. These will do.

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. I think out of sympathy, I’d cancel our coffee date, despite how much I love having them.

    If you insisted, I’d probably bring you some of those great sunglasses! 🙂

  2. so sorry for you 😔
    I have them terribly bad too ~~~
    please recover real soon ! and
    you will be out in the sun again
    t’mrow 😎

  3. Next time you get a migraine, try putting ice at the nape of your neck. It definitely helps. And be careful about having coffee during the wrong time of the migraine as it will prolong it. I had horrible, incapacitating migraines that lasted 3 to 4 days about six times every month throughout my thirties and fourties. They were so bad that I couldn’t see. It was like the lights were turned off. I had to hang on to the wall to move from one room of the house to another. And I was a single mom with no help so it was even worse. Luckily, I don’t get them anymore. Since turning 50, I get maybe two migraines a year and they aren’t bad ones.

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