Nervous as Sh#@ : #NaBloPoMo

Are you nervous in social situations or do you look forward to them, finding it easy to connect with new people?


I tend to get little wound up when there’s an event, whether it’s big or small. Maybe I get too excited. By the time it’s the day of the event, I am a basket case. ( I don’t get that term. Baskets don’t seem crazy nervous or full of energy. . .  I just looked up the origin of basket case. Interesting. It originally referred to people with disabilities that had to be carried in baskets. The government denied their existence. What’s new?!)

When we went to the movie premiere, I walked up to Jackie Mayer and introduced myself and Lucas. On the outside, nothing looked weird. On the inside, my nerves were so tight in my stomach. Let’s just say, I am so glad that I didn’t throw up on Miss America 1963. After meeting her, I felt fine. The nerves subsided.

This is what happens to be right before a party or meeting famous people:

  1. I’m nervous and talk a lot. All day long.
  2. I always think about Vince Vaughn saying, “He said not to panic! He said not to panic!” as the sharks are circling. I know how he feels. Then I laugh a little. Laughing is good.
  3. I bite the bullet of meeting people. I try to think of something clever but sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. “Hi, I’m Holley” is a good start.
  4. Then I feel less like throwing up.

9 responses to “Nervous as Sh#@ : #NaBloPoMo”

  1. I am a shy person so I get very nervous about social gathering. I was WAY nervous when I had a Google Hangout with Jane Seymour! That was the most nerve wrecking experience I have had.

    1. That is so cool! 🙂 Hanging out with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is super cool! I would also be a wreck. 🙂 On the inside.

  2. Always carry a pack of gum to offer a stick. It works.

    1. That is a brilliant idea! 🙂

  3. I used to be super shy and nervous speaking to anyone new. Over time it has gotten better, but I’m sure I would still freak out if I was meeting someone famous!

  4. I hate being social. I’ve had a problem my entire life and when I was first out in the world looking for a job, I realized that I had to fight it so I got a job as a market survey taker in the mall which lead to waiting tables. I still freak out, I just learned to hide it. People think I’m outgoing now, I’m really not.

  5. The worst kind of social anxiety I EVER faced (outside of the clinical kind I have now) is Stage Fright and I used to get it every night before I went on stage. I was the absolute worst. I would turn green and no other cast member would come near me 20 minutes before the show started in case of an eruption (putting it nicely). The best cure… walking on stage in front of an audience! Cures it every single time.

    These days I get anxious meeting anyone I haven’t met before, been to places I haven’t been before. The best way I get over that is to make a mental route map of where I want to go and a script in my head of what I need to say and try and stick to it. An opening line always helps. From there, pray for a prompt in the corner, if there isn’t one… ad-lib like mad and exit stage left as quick as possible.

  6. Keeping it simple is always a good option otherwise you (I) might babble on and then be funny but then put your (my) foot in it then back peddle in a really awkward way. “Hi” is always good.

    1. Oh yes. the awkward back peddle is no fun. 🙂

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