The Flag . . . You know the one

Did you know that the flag that we call the Confederate Flag is not the actual or official Confederate Flag? This is the official Confederate flag.

So here is the deal . . . I don’t care if anyone flies the flag. This one. It was actually the Battle Flag for the Army of Northern Virginia.

In fact, if you live around me in one of those Yankee states, please fly it all day long. It will be easier to pick you out so that I know what you are really about. You can claim Southern pride all day but I think that’s a lie.

Newsflash: You don’t live in the South. You are from Ohio for Pete’s sake. Ohio. During the Civil War, it was a part of Union Army. It is not a part of your history. The odds of you being accepted into the Daughters of the Confederacy are slim. You should Google that shit.

I’m confused by people that don’t live in Southern states that fly the flag. How can you claim it’s southern pride? There are people in Ohio that want to fly it and have parades claiming it’s their right to fly the Confederate Flag. So what are you really saying when you wave the flag around and yelling “Southern pride” with your fake southern accent?

This is still America. You can fly whatever flag you want and I can call you a liar. That’s what America is all about, right? Freedom of speech.


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