Music Share Saturday: #Blogtember

What do you mean it’s Sunday? Well, read it anyway. 🙂 Just have fun with it. It’s a holiday weekend for Pete’s sake. How can I be expected to know what day it is?

Put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play.

This is possibly a really bizarre mix. My YouTube Mix is kind of eclectic.

Paloma Faith: Can’t Rely on You

Tracy Chapman: Talkin’ About a Revolution

Alicia Keys: If I Ain’t Got You

Icon for Hire: Make a Move

Ray Lamontagne: Jolene

Sheppard: Smile

School of Rock Reunion Concert

Bring Me the Horizon: Can you feel my heart?

Sam Hunt: Take Your Time

j and the 9s

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. ha! what a fun idea. i was tempted, for a moment, to add a corresponding post to my blog, but since the challenge day is over and since it doesn’t really fit my blog, i’ll just put my results here in case you’re interested. 🙂

    KT Tunstall — Still a Weirdo (acoustic)
    Liz Martin — Sound and Vision (Bowie cover)
    Pogo — Kenya Chords
    Kate Bush — Symphony in Blue
    Anne Clark — Autumn (from Just after Sunset / Rilke poems set to music)
    Seeed — Wonderful Life (cover)
    Regina Spektor — On the Radio
    Deelay Ceelay — No Vex
    Pigeon John — The Bomb
    Prince feat. Shelby J. — Baby Love (from Indigo Nights / live sessions)


      1. well, the seeed song isn’t really a good representation of their stuff, they’re usually more reggae / dancehall / hip hoppy… but basically, this random list has only things i actually like. (and yes, i do have some stuff in my itunes that i’ve outgrown / grown tired of / just haven’t gotten around to deleting…)

      2. I have things on my youtube list that I can thank my children for . . . like My Little Ponies and Minecraft music videos. . . 🙂 I didn’t share those today.

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