Saint Cecilia: Sleep Deprived Music Review

saint cecilia

If you’re searching for Saint Cecilia make sure that it’s not a link to the Foo Fighters. I love the Foo Fighters but their saint different than this one.

Saint Cecilia has released a CD called “Entrance.” It is like pop music but better. She plays most of the instruments on the album.

This album, Entrance, is much lighter and happier than what I usually listen to. It’s an alright album. The first few songs sound alike. I thought that it was just one long song.

The people on Bandcamp really love this album. I’m not in love with it yet. Maybe I’ll fall in love with the album by the second or third date.

My youngest kid would probably love Saint Cecilia. She’s into happy, bouncy songs. I can see her painting and singing along to the music.

I love the album cover. She looks like a mermaid with legs.  

If anyone else listens to Entrance, let me know your thoughts.

Saint Cecilia on Spotify

Saint Cecilia, Entrance on Bandcamp

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