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St. Louis natives, Discrepancies, have a lot to be excited about this year. They’ve been signed to a record label. They have a new album, The Awakening, coming out on March 23. It’s a dream come true for ATG Metcalf, Garrett Weakley, Addison Bracher and Phatbeatz Steve.

Surely, a tour and world domination won’t be far behind.

My cat, Manny Pacquimeow, has also become a fan of the band. When Discrepancies is playing, he is in beast mode. Manny is ready for the mosh pit.

Garrett Weakley, the bassist for Discrepancies, answered some questions about the band because bassists are awesome. Obviously.


Who did the artwork for the cover?

Delta Options

Do you guys listen to podcasts? If so, any favorites?

The Adventure Zone, Rock Paper Podcast, Joe Rogan are some favorites!

I read that you all like different genres of music. How do you make the different influences work in your music?

We really found our rhythm for writing pretty quickly. Addison and Garrett write a lot of the riffs and music, then Steve adds in some samples and drums. Essentially we craft a “beat” that we send to ATG to work with. ATG is a rapper at heart, so it can hard for him to really get into some of the demos if we don’t develop them fully first. This allows everyone to add their elements and influences in different stages.

Where’s the best place for BBQ in St. Louis?

Sugarfire BBQ

Where was your first show?

The Mad Magician in St. Louis (Now Closed)

What is your main goal as a band this year?

70+ Dates out of town and releasing The Awakening Deluxe!

Did you have a songwriting process? If so, was it different or the same for the latest album?

I kind of explained this above, but we are throwing around some new ideas and concepts for writing. We strive really hard to make writing natural. When we started writing The Awakening we kind of made mentions like “Oh, we should have a song like this, or of that genre. Maybe we should do this other sound!” And ultimately we felt it really put us in a box for writing. We ended up basically scrapping a lot of those demos and allowing it to be more free.

What was the 1st concert that you attended as a fan?

The first concert I (Garrett) ever attended was Breaking Benjamin as a fan!

Do you like making videos?

Absolutely, it’s a ton of fun. ATG (Antonio) is extremely created visually and he works directly with a lot of our video directors.

What do you want people to know about Discrepancies?

We love music, lyrics, and memes.


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