Sleep Deprived Music Review: Kat Wright

kat wright

Kat Wright’s album, By My Side, came out in 2016. She’s still touring so that means there’s a chance for a second album. I look forward to hearing how she’s grown as an artist.

I’m sure that she gets compared to Amy Winehouse every day. Although her look and the music are retro, Kat is not Amy. She’s got her own sound. Hopefully, Kat’s voice doesn’t get lost in the midst of comparisons.

Things that I like about this album:

  1. The horn section. Actually, the whole band is awesome.
  2. It has an old school feel to it but still sounds stylish.
  3. Kat’s voice.
  4. Favorite songs: All about You. Who’s Your Fool?

Iffy things about this album:

  1.  The song, “You’ve got Problems,” is a bit repetitious.
  2. That’s all.

Kat Wright was participating in Jam Cruise 16. There have to be some interesting stories from that experience. Maybe she will share the stories someday.




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