Interview with . . . Smile Empty Soul

If you haven’t heard of Smile Empty Soul, you should Google them immediately. However, I did include the links to some of their sites at the bottom to save you a few steps.

Sean Danielson of Smile Empty Soul responded to my questions with the correct amount of mystery and conversation. Who can resist a band that is a little brooding and mysterious? Not me

Smile Empty Soul

Who is in the lineup at this time?

It’s me on vocals and guitar, Mark Young on bass, and Victor Ribas on drums, but things are a bit fluid with members over the last handful of years

Do you think that taking breaks is beneficial for the group?

It can be depending on the situation.

What do you guys do during the time that you’re on a break?

When we’re not on the road I’m at home in Arkansas Doing the family thing. I’m also always making music and painting when I have the extra time.

Who did the cover art for the latest album? It’s creepy in a good way. I may never go swimming again.

My good friend(and amazing artist) Chris Sehenuk. He has done 99% of smiles and my solo projects art over the years.

Do you think cats have a sixth sense about music? My cat likes your video and has to block the screen while I’m typing.

Haha, I’m not sure what they think of our human music, but I know they love to block the screen and step on the keys.

Are you a pet-friendly band?

Oh yeah, we all love animals and have pets. How someone treats animals says a lot about them

How important is dental health if you have the word smile in the band or tour name?

Not any more than any other band.

Do you guys ever smile in your photos?


Where was your first show?

Hollywood, California.

What do you guys want people to know about Smile Empty Soul?

We have excellent dental hygiene.




“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.

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