Sleep Deprived Music Review: Lauren Ruth Ward

lauren ruth ward

While watching YouTube videos at 2 a.m., Lauren Ruth Ward appeared in one of the Jam in the Van sessions. I could not look away. I couldn’t sleep anyway. Yet, she made insomnia worthwhile.

Within a few minutes, I found Lauren Ruth Ward on Spotify. She has a new album out called Well, Hell. It is so good. I cannot stop listening. My favorite song is “Sideways.”

She has raw energy like Janis Joplin but she puts her own spin on it. Ward also writes her own songs. She’s got stories to tell and I want to hear them all. I would like to listen to this album at a really colorful coffee shop.

Jam in the Van


Well, Hell album on Spotify

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  1. Wow, now listening to her songs on Spotify and she’s amazing! How could I have not heard of her previously? I continue to be astounded at the number of talented artists who are still relative unknowns. Thanks for featuring her.

    1. She is amazing! You’re welcome!! 🙂

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