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Recently, VISTA released a single, “Witch Hunt,” that was kept under wraps for months. I was sworn to secrecy. I didn’t have to take a blood oath or anything but almost. If you want to know who can keep a secret, ask the band VISTA if they know the secret to keeping secrets.

Since I made a pact to not share any information before a certain date, VISTA said that they would answer all of the questions that I had for them. Now Vista doesn’t have any more secrets. Or do they?



Will you be prepared for a Zombie apocalypse?

Greg: I’m honestly not sure. It depends on whether or not I have access to my house Hope: I’d 1000% die first.

What are three things that you are going to take with you on tour or a zombie apocalypse?

Greg: On tour, I need nut-free peanut butter (sunflower butter for example), a hard copy of Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2015 smash shit album “E-MO-TION”, and money for basically everything. For the zombie apocalypse, I would definitely still take the CRJ album, maybe a shotgun and maybe a zombie costume so I could blend in.

Hope: I’d die in a zombie apocalypse. But on tour, I need batteries, Dramamine, and dry shampoo.

Who would you like to go on tour with?

Greg: Off the top of my head right now, let’s say 30 Seconds to Mars, BMTH, or Against The Current.

Hope: Definitely all 3 above. Personally, I’d love to tour with Set It Off, they have the most killer live show.

Where was your first concert?

Greg: It was My Chemical Romance and Rise Against at Nassau Coliseum when Black Parade just came out. Probably the best one still.


Tell me about your hometown. What do you like the most about where you come from?

Greg: I love all my friends obviously and the community of music that Long Island offers. I also love being able to go to the beach and being able to get food late at night, lol.

Hope: I’m from East Brunswick, NJ. Lived there up until a little over 2 years ago when I moved to New York. Pretty big suburb, just a nice Jersey suburb. I liked that I lived around the corner from a Wawa 🙂

Do you think that your music has changed since you started the band?

Greg: 100%. We are always growing and changing and evolving. Maybe slight, or a lot, but we are doing it.

Hope: We’ve just evolved and we continue to learn and mature in our art and craft. I don’t think that means we’ve changed. It just means that we continue to learn and make music that aligns with our brand.

Would you ever go on stage in pajamas? I see people in pajamas everywhere.

Greg: Unless we were paid an absurd amount of money, probably not!

Hope: Nope. It’s off brand 🙂

Do you like surprises?

Greg: I like good surprises, haha.

Hope: Not really. They make me anxious.

Have you ever been disappointed in a celebrity that you admired?

Greg: Yes, mostly in music recently. It sucks when allegations come out against someone you have looked up to. It’s hard to deal with.

Hope: I’m disappointed in Ashlee Simpson for still not releasing a fourth album.

How hard is it for you to keep a secret? For example, this surprise track . . . didn’t you want to tell everyone?

Greg: It’s actually pretty easy for me. You just have to think before you speak is all, and only speak to the right people. It felt kinda nice knowing we were gonna drop a bomb on everybody.

Hope: We didn’t tell anybody. I think maybe 3 people knew? None of our friends knew, the guys that travel with us on tour. Nobody knew. They knew about the song, but the whole marketing plan, the release, we just kept it to ourselves and pulled the trigger. We’ve never done anything like that before so we wanted to see how it fared over. I think we were more stoked to see people’s reactions instead of announcing it traditionally.

If you have a bucket list, what is on it?

Greg: I want to tour in other countries. I just want to experience it all, ya know?

Hope: I actually have a written out bucket list on my Google Drive. I’ve been working on it since like 2012, I think?? I just continuously add things to it and I’ve been able to cross some off -like meeting the loves of my life, the Backstreet Boys.

Do you think that you are a risk taker?

Greg: Only when the odds are in my favor usually. Risks are a peculiar thing.

Hope: Everything VISTA has done is a huge risk, hahaha.

What are you doing this summer?

Greg: Tourin’ and Explorin’. Seriously though, I’m just gonna work, focus on being on the road, and try to have the best time I can while the weather is good.

Hope: THE BLOODLUST TOOOUR. We’re stoked to play in some cities we’ve never been to. Revisiting some, going to some new ones. Promoting “Witch Hunt”. Music video. Tour. Content. I think recording?

What do you want people to know about VISTA?

Greg: We are here and we ain’t going anywhere. Join us. \/ /\ Hope: “Witch Hunt” is out nooooow + COME TO THE BLOODLUST TOUR!





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