116 Days of Summer Guests: Sanderlings

So this post by the Sanderlings the first in the 116 Days of Summer Guests series. Instead of me asking questions, I’ve invited a few bands and solo artists to write about whatever they’d like to talk about – within reason. My mom reads this blog so we’re keeping it kind of clean.





Hey, hello! This is Woody from the Santa Barbara-based band Sanderlings checking in here from the left coast, left of the dial, left hand and the left side of the body where the smaller lung rests making room for the heart. I’m a little new to this but I guess when Chasing Destino asked me if I’d do a guest column I thought “YES” and here I am.

And, as I tossed about in bed last night listening to by bike get rained on I thought about what I was going to talk about and the thing that really strapped me down and got me going was the idea of mental health.

It’s something we don’t talk about and it’s something some never have to think about. It’s a butterfly out of reach that can unexplainably stomp you down. I know quite a few people going through the motions of the day feeling empty and the message I want to send is you aren’t alone. No one is alone.

The first step is to start talking and start listening and I think that if we all take a step and reach out with genuine friendship to people we know then this mess of a world will seem a little less tangled.

And one last thing. Don’t feel stigmatized if you are seeking help, there is no shame in talking to a professional therapist and there is nothing wrong with medication.

Please stay safe out there in this wild political climate. Love to all of you <3  



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