116 Days of Summer Guests: Thunder Club

Everyone pay attention! Thunder Club is here to talk about how streaming music has changed the music industry. It’s a blessing and a curse. Please welcome Thunder Club to the blog! Just to give you fair warning before reading this, this is our two cents on where the music industry is right now. Maybe it’sContinue reading “116 Days of Summer Guests: Thunder Club”

Interview with . . . Passafire

  This interview with Passafire has been in my pocket for awhile. It’s time to share it with you guys before the summer is over.  Bassist Will Kubley of Passafire took some time out of his busy schedule weeks ago to answer a few questions. Without further ado, here is the long-awaited interview with Passafire.Continue reading “Interview with . . . Passafire”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Hang Tight

Dude, I know . . . I’m technically old enough to be a parent of everyone in Hang Tight. But gosh darn it – I still want to go surfing or watch someone surfing. And skateboarding. And the mosh pit. They might need a parent around or at least someone with band-aids. So I’ve beenContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Hang Tight”

Mean Girl Music Journal: Han Solo Birthday Weekend was Asthmatic

      I thought that I could go to Cleveland by myself for my birthday weekend. Technically, I have a driver’s license and a van. (Fooled you State of Ohio – I’m a terrible driver.) There was enough time in the day to do the things that I was traveling to Cleveland to do.Continue reading “Mean Girl Music Journal: Han Solo Birthday Weekend was Asthmatic”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Wave Break

The summer is not over yet. There’s still time to go to the beach. We can’t let a little rain ruin our day. We can listen to music until the sun comes out again. There’s a fairly new band, Wave Break, who also doesn’t let adversity get in their way. They are coming out withContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Wave Break”

Interview with . . . Get Married

  Last year, someone sent me a link to Get Married’s appearance on Punks in Vegas. They quickly became one of my favorite bands. They released their latest album, Living Room, in June. Get Married also completed their first ever music video. Plus, they are going on tour. It’s a very exciting time for them.Continue reading “Interview with . . . Get Married”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: A Brilliant Lie

Have you ever told a brilliant lie? I did once. It was exhausting. When I listen to the band, A Brilliant Lie, I wonder what kind of secrets they are keeping. Their talent isn’t a secret. They’ve played at music festivals like Warped Tour and Rocklahoma so they can’t be too terrible. Did you knowContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: A Brilliant Lie”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Belmont

Dude, My coffee maker bit the dust a few days ago. I need the coffee to remember to get a new coffee maker and also to do music reviews. If there’s no coffee, there’s no energy to do much of anything. The band for today, Belmont, has so much energy. They must have coffeemakers forContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Belmont”

Interview with . . . Acaedia

      My boyfriend and I don’t always agree on music. He loves hippy jam bands and I like punk. However, we agree on one genre – metalcore. He trusted me enough to pick which band we would see at Warped Tour for the 2 p.m. slot. So far I have not steered himContinue reading “Interview with . . . Acaedia”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Sleepy Limbs

Dude, This album by Sleepy Limbs has been hanging out in with some promo records that I almost forgot about until a few months ago. It would have been a shame to not tell you guys about this album. I know their name makes it seem like they are a bunch of sleepyheads who playContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Sleepy Limbs”

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