Interview with . . . Latasha

I know y’all need some positive summer vibes – especially those with kids home 24/7 for the next 3 months. Oh my goodness, please keep parents and caregivers in your prayers.

If you get a few minutes in the midst of all of the summertime chaos, check out this interview that I did with Latasha’. She has all sorts of positivity to share with you guys.

Once upon a time Latasha’ was a hip-hop artist-in-residence for National Sawdust in New York. She will be moving to Los Angeles this month. We’re sending her some good vibes for her upcoming journey. If you are in the New York area and want to attend Latasha’s going away party aka The Glo’in Away Party on June 8, 2019 at 10:00pm , you can find more information and tickets here:

Where was your first show as a performer? As a fan?

My first show as a performer was at Bowery Poetry Club. Terminal 5 was the first show I saw as a fan, I went to see MIA.

How does one become a hip- hop artist-in-residence?

1. You make hip hop music that I hope says something.

2. You begin to buzz in the area, for me it was Brooklyn. Taking as many gigs as one could, from $100 to $5000 a set.

3. You begin to brew a project in your mind and begin to imagine where it could be. I call this the manifestation period.

4. You create a written proposal for said project.

5. You begin to ask around and do research on residencies in the city and apply.

6. Then by law of attraction, your roommate tells you that she’s working at phenomenal new venue and they have a residency program, or you get a call to come in to an insane new arts venue in the city cause someone said they’ve seen the cool work you do. all in all, the becoming is 75% you, 25% God magic. like most of life.

Does the muse ever escape from your presence?

No, but it shape shifts and sometimes wears an invisible cloak, so I can lose my mind and think I lost it, but then it appears over and over again.

Who or what inspires you the most?

Inspiration also shape shifts, but the constant has been my momma, my lover, community and my future kids. I’m always inspired by different forms of music and artists, but my momma is my ultimate creator and so I gain and lost so much from her brilliance in being. My future kids is my driving force to create art that is timeless and will hold up for them to do whatever they wish in their future. My lover is my best friend and is constantly pushing me to be my greatest self. My community has held me accountable and given me the drive so many times to keep going, so much support. Couldn’t do anything without all of these.

Do you find one social injustice more difficult to discuss than others?

Depends on the day and what voice is talking in my head.

How do you deal with stress?

I write often. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I don’t deal. Other times I eat everything in front of me. Sometimes I breathe. Sometimes I don’t breathe. But I always pray. I’m in constant conversation with my higher self and source and I think thats the best way I deal with stress.

If you had a self that lived in an alternate universe, what would she be like?

I believe I do have another me in an alternate universe. In fact I think there are millions of alternate universes with millions of me(s). But in this one particular one, she would have a million arms and patience. I’m the one whose more fearless and fearful at the same damn time.

What do you want people to know about you?

I want people to know that I am a forever evolving creator. I hope to inspire others to break out of the box of themselves. I want people to know that I am grateful for their definitions of me and stories, however, I am excited that in the next few years, especially with this big leap of faith to the other side of the country, those definitions will be replaced with new ones. I want people to know they can do whatever they want, especially Black and Brown people. I want people to know that the narratives that we hold true create our dimensions, and that it will soon be time to break into our next. So break thru. Break out. Break in. Transcend. its ok. Also my name is LATASHÁ with the accent. Please remember it. its important.

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