Valerie June: Flawless Friday Video

valerie june
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Hey y’all,

Although I’ve said before how much I like Valerie June, I’m going to say it again. It might be like true love now. She gets better with time. Her music is amazing. She is releasing a new album soon that is getting rave reviews. It’s going to be playing on repeat around here.

She looks absolutely radiant. I don’t focus on looks so much anymore but I have to say she is absolutely luminescent, in appearance and in her music. If Valerie June ever bottles up that radiance, I will let you guys know. Until then, check out her video for “Call Me a Fool.”




Flawless Friday Video

2 responses to “Valerie June: Flawless Friday Video”

  1. I am so excited for this album ever since I heard “You and I” earlier this week.

    1. Totally stoked! Love Valerie June!! ❤

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