Project Renegade: Meet and Greet

Project Renegade

Heavy Metal band Project Renegade of Athens, Greece includes Marianna (vocals), Ody (drums), Nick K. (guitars), and Jay (bass). 

You might need something to drown out the sound of your loved one’s snoring. However, you want music that you can play air drums to or whatever you do when everyone else is asleep. I have really enjoyed listening to Project Renegade’s album, Order of the Minus.

It’s possible that my neighbors are also enjoying this album. My house is noisy at the moment with all of the heavy metal. I cannot even hear the snoring right now.

Thank you Project Renegade for the noisiest peace and quiet that I’ve had in a while! The last time I think I was at the circus watching the tightrope walkers.

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