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Meet and Greet: Joker’s Hand

Joker’s Hand,Kevin Kawano and Matt Lau of Southern California, have released the first single ,”Goth Girlfriend,” from their upcoming album. The music of Joker’s Hand is Alternative rock with a dash of punk rock.

Aside from the fact that their music and vocals are on point, I appreciate the Goth girl appreciation. Goth girls want songs written about them too. When I was a teenager, I may have been a Goth girl hiding behind penny loafers and turtlenecks. The small towns of the world were not ready to appreciate Goth boys and girls.

The track was inspired by the strict upbringing of vocalist/guitarist Kevin Kawano, who explains: “I grew up in a conservative household where I wasn’t allowed to get tattoos, and talk of sex was forbidden. But deep down inside I always knew my heart craved darkness, so I got me a goth girlfriend.”

You can find Joker’s Hand in all of the usual places online. Their album, “All-American Rage,” will be out later this fall.

Where to find Joker’s Hand:

Stream “Goth Girlfriend” on DSPs: https://songwhip.com/jokers-hand/goth-girlfriend

Stream “Goth Girlfriend” on Soundcloud:

Website: www.jokershand.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JokersHandBand

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jokershandofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jokershandband

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