Los Saints: Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet: Los Saints

Los Saints of San Diego has a new LP, Welcome to Confusion, available for everyone on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. The band includes cousins Angel Mariscal and Emiliano Garcia as well as mutual friend Gianluca Exposito.

Their video for “Lost You” just premiered on Under The Radar. It’s a great song -definitely worth a listen. So far, I have enjoyed all of their songs. Let me know what you think of the EP.

As Los Saints prepares to release its latest effort into the world, Mariscal says “There’s something special about these songs, and I can only hope people experience as much emotion listening to them as we did when we were making them. I want for people to feel like our music is something that they can listen to as an outlet and feel like we’re friends without even meeting. I just want people to understand us, and we want to understand them. That’s the magic of music, isn’t it?”

Meet and Greet Los Saints

Meet and Greet

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