The Weight of a Thousand Oceans: #bookreview

The Weight of a Thousand Oceans: #bookreview

The Weight of a Thousand Oceans by Jillian Webster begins with the main character, Maia, living in the mountains of New Zealand with her dog and grandfather. It sounds like a beautiful place but a bit isolated.

Maia probably would not resent her lifestyle so much if they weren’t living in post-apocalyptic times. Her grandfather has kept her away from most people. Unfortunately, his health is ailing and knows he won’t be able to protect her for much longer. Maia will soon be alone with her dog, Huck. She needs to make a plan.

Her alcoholic father lives in the mountains. They have only recently met in person. He is kind of a terrible father. Howver, he does make arrangements for Maia to stow away on a ship. It doesn’t make up for being an absent father but it helps a little.

The ship is heading for a place called The Old Arctic Circle. Some people say it exists while others think that it is a myth. To make the trip, she has to leave Huck behind.

She is supposed to stay hidden on the ship for her own safety. A member of the crew, Lucas, finds her but doesn’t tell anyone or put her in danger. Unfortunately, someone discovers that Maia is on the ship. Maia has to either face the dangerous crew members or the unknown seascape. Maia takes her chances with the seascape and jumps off of the ship. Lucas jumps in afterwards. It might be the beginning of a love story.

I don’t want to give away the rest of the story. There are some magical elements that you will probably enjoy. I recommend reading The Weight of a Thousand Oceans. If you like the book, there is a sequel, The Burn of a Thousand Suns: The Forgotten Ones Book Two. As soon as I have time, I hope to read the second book.

If you are a fan of books about what happens after the apocalypse, then you might enjoy this book as much as I did.

If you are a scumbag like most of the crew members in the book, then reading this book will be like looking in a mirror. Maybe scurvy dogs won’t like their reflection.

  • I don’t remember how I heard of this book. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

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