Lean Year: Sleep Deprived Music Review

lean year

When I was listening to this album by Lean Year, I could not think about anything else. Occasionally, thoughts like “put a listening booth in the garden” or “a little heartache is alright” would creep into my head.

Lean Year of Virginia will release the album, Sides, on September 2. The band is the duo of Emilie Rex and Rick Alverson.

They have figured out how to transform their grief into elegant lyrics. For those of you who have lost someone that you love, you understand that having anything other than messy words and emotions is difficult. It says a lot about their songwriting skills that they turned messy into lovely.

“We thought we’d do a concept album called Sides where we could reflect on all of the division in the world, and some in our own families, but then COVID transformed everything/everyone, and we suffered our own specific losses. The record became about loss and grief,” Rex explains.

It’s a good album for gardening. With grief, you may have renewal and growth like things in the garden. Maybe people could listen to this album in the garden. Let me know where you are going to listen to this album.

lean year

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  1. An utterly captivating song!

    1. captivating is correct. 💯❤

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