Danielle Ponder: Flawless Friday Video

Danielle Ponder
Danielle Ponder

It’s no easy thing to be brave. In the concept video for “Some of Us Are Brave” by Danielle Ponder, the viewer gets a glimpse into the lives of women of color. None of the women are brave in the same way but there’s no doubt of their having a courageous spirit.

The message that I take away from the lyrics is that people are brave because they have to be in order to be seen and heard. Everyone wants to be brave but some of us fail. The first stanza sums up that feeling.

If the sky were to fall, I’d be the first to call
Some of us, some of us are brave
Who’s gonna feel my pain? Who’s gonna say my name?
Ain’t no choice but to be brave

On a side note, my friend sent me several texts about the genius of Danielle Ponder. Several videos followed shortly after that. Their enthusiasm for her music was contagious. In a few days, I’m going to see her live performance. Now it’s my job to tell everyone about Ms. Ponder’s music.

FYI: Danielle Ponder’s debut album will be available on September 16. You can pre-order it here: https://ffm.to/soub_pre

Flawless Friday Video

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