Frayle: Sleep Deprived Music Review


Ritual metal band Frayle of Cleveland, Ohio will soon be offering their latest album to new and old fans. The album, Skin and Sorrow, will be ready for consumption on September 23, 2022.

If you aren’t familiar with Frayle, their music could be described as witchy doom metal. Their sound has an almost lethargic, heavy tempo with melancholy lyrics. Yet, the music is engaging and satisfying. Did Frayle put a spell on me? Anything is possible.

Their album would be perfect for a vampire movie soundtrack or a vampire bar that you can only find once. My favorite song on Skin and Sorrow is “All the Things I Was.” I would like to listen to this album with some vampiric friends in a Gothic Victorian coffeeshop. If you liked the vibes of the Vampire Lestat band in Queen of the Damned, Type O Negative or the Lestat band of Cleveland, then you might also enjoy the music of Frayle.

The band members are Gwyn Strang, Sean Bilovecky, Jason Knotek and Jon Vinson. Frayle recorded this album at their home studio on the edge of Cleveland. What does the decor look like? It is probably amazing and eerie, like Frayle themselves.




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