Grave Danger: Meet and Greet

grave danger

In the spirit of Halloween, Goth/Ska band Grave Danger has released a new single, “Wake the Dead.”

The band says, “With “Wake the Dead” we wanted a big, menacing sound, worthy of the Lovecraftian horror that inspired it, to balance out the fun, bouncy horn parts that we love to write. We had a great time working to get the vibe just right for this monstrous love letter to coffee.”

If you have a Halloween playlist, Grave Danger would be a spooky and kooky addition to the collection.


Dave Schwantes – guitars, bass, keyboards, tenor sax, bari sax, backing vocals

Dane Erbach – drums

Chris Marcanti – vocals

Margaret Miller – trombone

Andy Miller – trumpet

Emily Erbach – theremin






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