Heather Woods Broderick: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Heather Woods Broderick began working on her latest album, Labryinth, in 2020 when every musician in the world was at home instead of going on tour. Thank the heavens that the album is currently out for public consumption. Was anyone else so creative during the pandemic? After listening to Labryinth, I hope that you also believe that is a masterpiece.

“Many of us yearn for stillness and peace, as an escape from the movement all around us,” Broderick explains when asked about the themes of the album. “Yet movement is perpetual, happening all the time on some level. It’s as wild as the wind, yet eternally predictable in its inevitability. It is linear in part, but infinite in its circuitry. Our lives just punctuate it.”

Broderick’s musical genre would probably be described as indie/folk with a hint of electronica. At any rate, her music is melancholy and also uplifting in that way that sad songs are sometimes. All of her songs on the album are reflective of a myriad of feelings. Every song is so well crafted. Every word is in the right place.

The songs that I loved are “Admiration” and “Wherever I Go.” Honestly, there aren’t any less than great songs. Does Broderick sound like anyone else? Probably but I cannot name anyone specific. In my opinion, her lyrics set her apart from everyone.

If I could listen to this album anywhere, I would listen to the vinyl record in a vintage airbnb like The Shenandoah Church House in Virginia. They probably have an actual vinyl record player hanging around somewhere.

Give the album a listen and visit Broderick’s links listed below. Let me know what you think of Labryinth.

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