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Instrumental metal band, Aggros, came out with their debut album, “Rise of the Aggros,” this past March. Four of the songs feature guitarist Chuch Lenihan. It seems that band founder Parris Mayhew, formerly of the Cro-Mags, asked Lenihan to play on one song which eventually turned into four songs. This collaboration is awesome for metal fans everywhere. Honestly, I think the faces of the fans will melt – in the most positive way- from listening to the single, “Chaos Magic.”

Mayhew comments, “Most Cro-Mags fans are accustomed to a big rock production sound from me and my music. This time I kept it streamlined, stripped down and raw. Just a band playing songs. The music will sound and feel familiar to anyone who knows my three previous albums. I am the same songwriter and guitarist so it will be that and then some! ‘Chaos Magic’ is just a balls out rocker.” 

Check out their summer tour dates on their website. The AGGROS touring lineup: 
Parris Mayhew – Guitar
Chuck Lenihan – Guitar
Cobz – Drums
Dierk Peters – Piano

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