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Music has long been recognized as a powerful tool for healing and restoration. Its melodies and rhythms have the ability to touch our souls and soothe our spirits, offering solace in times of pain and adversity.

As the famous musician Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” This quote encapsulates the transformative nature of music, as it has the remarkable ability to transcend physical and emotional barriers.

Whether it’s through the cathartic release of playing an instrument, the comfort found in listening to a favourite song, or the collective experience of a live performance, music can provide a profound sense of healing and upliftment.

It connects us to our deepest emotions, allowing us to process and navigate through the complexities of life. It speaks to the universal language of the human experience and has the power to bring light to the darkest of times, reminding us
that even in the midst of pain, there is still beauty and hope to be found.

This fact holds a special significance for ELOAĦ as we continue working on our upcoming album, titled “The Book of Pain,” dealing with all kinds of emotional pain. As an unfortunate coincidence, I have started experiencing nerve problems recently, initially in my face, then in my back, and at this moment in my left arm.

Unfortunately, so far, doctors have been unable to provide a solution beyond prescribing painkillers which, naturally, address the symptom and not the underlying issue. Fortunately, after trying various treatments such as chiropractic care and physiotherapy, I eventually sought the help of an acupuncture specialist, which seems to be providing some relief. Nevertheless, amidst recording and producing an album centered around emotional pain, I find myself experiencing a multitude of pains, including severe physical discomfort.

Speaking of painkillers and music, I truly appreciate the song “Painkiller” by Judas Priest
(although it has little in common with the music we play). In my opinion, this song, along with any other, has the potential to promote emotional healing that can have a positive impact on physical health. Being an eternal optimist, I have decided to incorporate my recent experiences into the recording and production process, utilizing all levels of pain as sources of inspiration and expression.

As the renowned philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once proclaimed, “Art is the highest task and the proper metaphysical activity of this life.” I firmly believe that by channeling and transforming my different kinds of pain through the creative process, I have the opportunity to transcend the experience itself.

This transcendence has the potential to turn pain into pleasure, infusing it with additional spiritual meaning. Moreover, my ultimate hope is that by sharing this album with others, it may serve as a source of solace and enable the listeners to alleviate their own pains.

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