Inkcarceration Festival, Day 2: Music Journal

Hello again,

Inkcarceration Festival, day two was incredible even with the rain, losing my water bottle and almost losing my hat and balance to crowd surfers.

We saw some bands that we’ve seen before – like Heartsick, Asava and In This Moment. Lucas has seen Pantera before but he doesn’t remember anything about the show. Someone landed on my head during the Pantera show so that was an experience. A younger person asked me if I was going to crowd surf. Apparently, it is so much fun. It does look like fun most of the time.

I had never seen Megadeth, Pantera or Motionless in White before so that can be crossed off the bucket list. In This Moment was awesome as usual. Maylene & The Sons of Disaster was pretty cool.

Whenever Heartsick is playing in the area, we try to go to the show. I still wear my shirt from when they had a different name. They had an amazing set. The flamingo was an addition that I hadn’t seen at their show before.

Some of my photos are below. Since zoom lenses were frowned upon, this was the best my camera and I could do. My fingers are crossed for a photo pass next year.

We had a great day with very few regrets and many great bands.

asava inkcarceration festival

Heartsick show. Crowd surfing with flamingo
In This Moment
Kid crowd surfing during the Pantera show.

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  • I did receive tickets but not for a specific project. Thanks to Inkcarceration for their act of kindness!

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