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the hues of me and you

The Hues of Me and You by Morgan Lee Miller, set in the Washington, D.C. area, follows the story of former college friends Brooke Dawson and Arlette Adair.

Brooke, a freelance artist by day and a catering bartender by night, doesn’t expect to run into her former best friend, Arlette, at a high society party. Needless to say that their conversation was awkward.

Apparently, they did not end their relationship on a good note. Brooke and Arlette had a few brief romantic rendezvous. Nothing went further especially after Arlette chose her jealous ex-girlfriend over Brooke.

Arlette Adair, the daughter of a presidential candidate, is stuck in a job and a relationship that she doesn’t want any longer. She feels a lot of pressure to follow in her wealthy family’s footsteps although it isn’t her desire to do so. At first, I didn’t care for her but she does have potential for redemption if she can truly follow her heart.

I can relate to Brooke. She’s a somewhat poor artist, who works a crappy job in order to support her dream of working full-time as an artist. Let’s not forget that she also has major trust issues.

My favorite supporting characters were Brooke’s roommates, Stephen and Abby. They are loyal friends to Brooke, which she desperately needs.

Brooke and Arlette have more discussions after the party. Arlette even commissioned a piece of art from Brooke. Will they become best friends again? Can Brooke trust Arlette? Will they finally allow themselves to fall in love?

The author states at the beginning of the book:

If you enjoy romances, including LGBT romances, then you will definitely love The Hues of Me and You. Personally, I love LGBT romances. They are literally the sweetest books.

If you aren’t into love, romance or anything resembling a real relationship, then maybe read The Doctor Is In: Dr. Ruth on Love, Life, and Joie de Vivre first.


  • I received this ebook from NetGalley. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

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