Inkcarceration Festival, Day 3: Music Journal

inkcarceration festival

Hello everyone,

On the morning of Day 3 of Inkcarceration Festival, I had one brief old lady moment. Were we too old and tired to make it to the last show, which was Slipknot? Let me tell you that I was definitely feeling the repurcussions of having someone land on my head during the Pantera set the night before.

So my boyfriend gave me a pep talk and we rallied over breakfast and coffee. Thank goodness for coffee!

We made it in time to see Cleveland area band, Frayle. They’ve made an appearance on the blog. It was really great to see them live. Frayle also had a meet and greet that I practically sprinted to get to. At least one person had a good laugh at the awkward running.

Slay Squad was a new-to-me band but I am forever a fan now. They put on a great show.

Scarlett O’Hara was also pretty awesome. We had to leave early because my boyfriend wanted to see Gwar. I listened to Gwar from a good distance away. I did not want to get caught up in that ooey gooey mosh pit. If you know, you know.

It was the first time that I had seen Lamb of God so that was cool. It was Lucas’s first time seeing and remembering some of the bands. So it was a win for everyone.

My only regret was not going to watch Flyleaf. I could hear them and they were amazing. Alas, I found a falafel and a patch of grass to sit on right before they started playing.

Slipknot was excellent. I swear that I saw Mick Thomson, a guitarist for Slipknot, while we were waiting in the chicken-on-a-stick line. Is it possible that it was him or was I hallucinating due to hunger? There were no regrets about staying although I did need several cups of coffee the next day.

Hopefully, we can go to Inkcarceration Festival again next year!

inkcarceration festival
Scarlett O’Hara
inkcarceration festival
Lamb of God


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