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The Bloodstrings of Germany has a new album, Heartache Radio, ready for public consumption. Nick Josten of The Bloodstrings has graced us with his presence to talk about their music among other things. Please welcome Nick to the blog!

Please tell us about your latest project.

So, we have just released our new album Heartache Radio and we are very proud of it! Right now we are playing the new songs live on stage – but we are already writing new material!

What does punkabilly mean to you?

Punkabilly is the type of music you listen to if you are too punkrock for psychobilly!

What is your favorite horror movie?

I recently liked Midsommar – but the Herreditery films are great. Other than that oldschool trash classics like Killer Tomatoes!

Do you find it easy to mesh different musical styles?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s easy, but it kind of comes naturally. When you are influenced by so many things in your life it’s hard to pick a direction, so on that matter mixing styles is easy. What is not easy however is to have a mix of styles that still defines a coherent style of your music – you don’t wanna sound like a cover band!

Did you have a favorite music teacher?

I learned bass from a private teacher to whom I owe a lot to. He have me not only musical knowledge but also taught me stuff about band life, what music should be about etc. We are still in touch and I know he’s proud so that’s good!

Have you had any close calls with accidentally damaging the upright bass? 

Plenty. We played a big and very important festival in Belgium a few years ago and the bass broke. I had no option other than not playing and I only did some backing vocals on stage. It was crazy, but people were digging that we kept going. I have had lots of technical difficulties, it’s very tricky! But lucky me, the bass itself was never damaged too much although I throw it around all the time. When given the chance, I bring two basses with me on a show.

Where do you hope to travel in the next year?

So next year we wanna do more festivals, mainly in Germany but we are hoping to come back to the UK as we always loved going there and we miss our fans and friends! Hope we can get a proper tour in UK done! Apart from central Europe we wanna explore another country we haven’t been before. North America, Asia? Don’t know yet!

Who are you listening to now?

We listen to lots of bands. I personally listen a lot to Bad Cop Bad Cop and Interrupters at the moment and I have a weird metal phase listening to Skindred and Gojira a lot haha.

What was the last thing that you read?

“Heavy Metal B(r)ands” – a book about good marketing on the examples of some metal bands.

What do you want people to know about your music?

Give passion a chance! We mean 100% of what we are saying and if you listen to it, you can feel it, too! I would highly advise you, when listening to any music, not only to consume it but to feel it!

the bloodstrings

Live Shows

25.08.2023- Hamburg – Damage Done Festival


17.11.2023- Moers – Dackelton Festival


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