Royal Thunder: Meet and Greet

royal thunder

Royal Thunder is back on the psychedlic rock/metal music scene with their first album in six years. The current lineup is Josh Weaver (guitar), Mlny Parsonz (bass/vocals), and Evan Diprima (drums). Their most recent singles are “The Knife,” “Fade,” and “Twice.”

It seems like Royal Thunder has used their musical talents to prepare for recapturing the attention of their audiences. If you haven’t hear their latest album, I hope that you are ready for thunder. MIny Parsonz has been compared to having the same power and vibrancy Janis Joplin. One could argue that the music of the band is somewhat similar to Thundermother and Huntress.

Tonight- August 12- they will be celebrating the official introduction of “Rebuilding the Mountain” with a release show at The Earl in Atlanta, Georgia. There is still time to buy tickets to the show, which will more than likely be epic.

My friend who travels extensively sent me a Royal Thunder video a few months ago. If he made it to Atlanta on a winged chariot just to attend the band’s release show, it would not be a huge surprise.

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