Octavian Winters: Flawless Friday Video

octavian winters

Octavian Winters, a post-punk group from San Francisco, has posted their latest video, “Undertow.” The story behind the song along with the video’s beauty make it the Flawless Friday Video this week.

“Undertow” is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Matchgirl.” In the story, the matchgirl lights the last of her matches to feel connected to her grandmother, who was the only person to show her kindness.

 “I think we have seen this dark ‘undertow’ overcome so many people in different and tragic ways during quarantine,” says Ria Aursjoen.

The ensemble includes Stephan Salit (guitar), Randy Gzebb (drums), Jay Denton (bass), and Ria Aursjoen (vocals, keyboards).

‘Undertow’ is currently available on music platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify, and Bandcamp. ‘The Line or Curve’ EP will be released on October 13 via Stratis Capta Records.

-photo by Dina Marie Robinson

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Flawless Friday Video


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