The Goods: 116 Days of Summer Guests

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I appreciate the opportunity to take part in this, even though I’m just a dumb musician and definitely not qualified to wax intellectual about anything. But if there’s anything I know anything about, it’s music and travel.

So here it is folks, my 10 favorite Summer road trip records. Time to hit the road! These have gotten me through many long hours at the wheel, whether on tour in the van or heading out with friends on a weekender. I hope you enjoy. In no particular order…

John Cale – Paris 1919This is about as close as you can get to watching a movie while listening to a record. I don’t know what the movie is about, but it definitely takes you somewhere. Watch the road but let the movie play out in your mind.

Gram Parsons – Grievous AngelA literal road-dog record in many ways, especially the title track. Perfect for those long stretches through the open countryside.

Daft Punk – Random Access MemoriesMy brother reminded me how great this record is on a recent road trip up to Northern California. It’s groovy and has great pacing, and the restraint in the arrangements reminds me somewhat of the morotik sound which is obviously the perfect driving music.

Fleetwood Mac – RumoursSometimes when the mood in the van has turned sour, you need to put on something that everyone can agree on. Guaranteed to lift the vibe.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Live SeedsThis one is on the other end of the spectrum – intense, brutal, an absolute bummer, totally amazing. This has no business being on this list except that I was in a really bad mood on a road trip to LA one time and tortured a car full of friends by playing this over and over again. Good memories!

White Zombie – La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1Watch your speed while this one is on. Or maybe don’t. An absolute barn burner from front to back. If you’re on a long stretch of straight highway through the desert (highway 10 in Arizona comes to mind) this one will get you there in half the time.

Tom Waits – Alice Another “movie record,” great for late nights on lonely roads when everyone else in the van is asleep and you’re alone at the wheel.

Paul Simon – Graceland A travelogue record in so many ways, what else can be said about it that hasn’t already been said? You love it, everyone else in the van loves it, but maybe it’s been a while since you listened to it front to back. Do yourself a favor.

The Clash – Sandinista! A mix-tape in and of itself, is it even possible to listen to this whole record in any other context but a long road trip? There’s more good stuff in here than you remember and even the stuff that isn’t good is still pretty interesting, and you have plenty of time to kill.

Sam Cooke – Live at the Harlem Square Club Getting sleepy at the wheel? This one always wakes me right back up with its pure, joyous energy.

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116 Days of Summer Guests


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