Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse are proud to present their new album, Giddy Skelter, which became available on music platforms on September 8.

The genre of Kinsella and Pulse is closest to Electronic/psychedelic music. The married couple began their music careers from different points.

“I was an electronic producer who wanted to be in a rock band and Tim was in a rock band and wanted to become more of a producer,” recalls Pulse. “But at the end of the day, we realized we can’t escape ourselves. Despite wanting to depart from the past, we settled into what we are each good at, but with different gear and approaches to try and create something surprising to ourselves.” 

Their approach to songwriting is unconventional yet effective. The duo composed 75 pages of phrases, cut up the terms, and tossed the fragments in a box. Then they pulled each term and matched them to a suitable song. It reminds me of refrigerator magnet poetry.

Their music reminds me of Julee Cruise and Chrystabell. The sound is moody, quirky, and charming psychedelic electronica. Even with the notes that are unconventional, it maintains a level of sophistication. The whole album could be its own Twin Peaks soundtrack.

My favorite songs on the album are “Over and Over,” ” If I’d Known,” and “Sun Inspector 2.” Pulse has an intricate voice that expresses a wide range of feelings.

I hadn’t heard their music before so it was a happy day when the album was fabulous. If I could listen to it while on some sort of Twin Peaks road trip that would be amazing.

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