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What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

A few months ago, Lucas was in the restroom and Eva was knocking on the door. So he made some farting noises every time she knocked on the door or said something. I can’t even tell you how long I laughed. It was for at least thirty minutes. It could have even been an hour. Whenever I think about it, I giggle for quite awhile.
I don’t even know why farts are funny. Why do I still think farts are funny even though I’m not a twelve year old kid? I guess because farts are just funny. It can’t be helped.

Here is a chart that has interesting facts about farts. Enjoy! 🙂



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  1. I don’t know why they are, but they are hilarious aren’t they?! My brother was mucking around with his daughter (who is 1) a while ago and had been tickling her and went to put her up on his shoulders, she let one rip just as she passed his nose and mouth, I was crying and snorting with laughter. Funniest thing I had seen in awhile!

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