Fell on my Face (literally). NaBloPoMo

Fell on my Face (literally). NaBloPoMo

This picture was taken in the general time period of when I fell on my face. On St. Patrick’s Day, I was the victim of a series of events that worked against me.

First of all, my contact tore in half so I couldn’t see very well. I don’t see well in general, even when I have both contacts.

I was also wearing those chunky heels that were popular in the late 1990s. I miss those shoes.
To top it off, I had too much to drink. I didn’t realize that I was drunk. The drunkenness snuck up on me.

I also didn’t realize that the sidewalk was not there anymore. It became a Taco Bell driveway. This was when the drunkenness make itself known.

Apparently, I broke my ankle and could not get out of the driveway. The customer in the driveway was kind enough to help me up. My friend didn’t believe that I had a broken ankle. It could have been the fact that I was drunk and not believable.

So we walked and hopped for at least two blocks until we got to our destination. She walked. I hopped.
My roommate picked me up at the bar. Taxi service is extremely slow on St. Patrick’s Day. I spent about two months wearing an aircast and a tennis shoe. Just one tennis shoe.

Eventually, I realized that I had to replace chunky heels with boots with no heels or tennis shoes. I may be moving on to ballet flats. Ballet flats have become more stylish.

Tennis shoes are not my favorite fashion statement.


Neither is being drunk on the ground in a Taco Bell driveway. Lesson learned.

8 responses to “Fell on my Face (literally). NaBloPoMo”

  1. Well, that’s one heck of a story! 🙂 Hope the rest of the day/night was filled with fun memories..

    1. It was a little hazy. I do remember going to the ER. I also remember sitting in the ER with my flashing shamrock necklace. 🙂

  2. I can’t help laughing, I’m so sorry! It’s just that it sounds like something that would happen to me or one of my friends. The Taco Bell parking lot just added that final bit of class to it! Ha Ha! I’m glad you are okay now and hope you have had much better St. Patty’s since then!

    1. It’s ok. I laugh about it now. St. Patrick’s day celebrations have been more tame since then. lol

  3. Wow! To bad lessons learned sometimes really hurt, literally

    1. Yessss. I agree. 🙂 Alcohol can wear off quickly sometimes.

  4. Ha! I miss those shoes too, by the way.

    1. I really do miss wearing cool shoes. 🙂 Flat shoes just aren’t quite as awesome.

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