What is it? : Peaceful Streets Project

What is it?: Peaceful Streets Project

The Peaceful Streets Project is an organization of volunteers that work to ensure that law enforcement officers are not abusing their power. Volunteers do several non-violent events. Groups in various cities organize cop-watches, in which members use video cameras to record police activity. Project members also hold training sessions to inform people about what their rights are if they are ever stopped by the police.
The group have “Police Complaint Departments” for anyone to make a complaint against the police department. These sessions are videotaped in a public setting on a regular basis.
The Peaceful Streets Project began in 2012 in Austin, Texas. Antonio Buehler began the organization after his own experience with a wrongful arrest and being abused by the police. Buehler was videotaping the police, as they were abusing a woman during a traffic stop. He was charged with spitting in the officer’s face, although he did not do it. The charge was a felony. Witnesses came forward with video of the altercation, which exonerated Buehler.

I read a quote today, “Don’t talk about it. Be about it.” The Peaceful Streets Project is doing just that – being about it. Kudos to you PSP for getting involved!


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  1. Very interesting. I may have to look into this further. Hun is very much anti-abuse of power police…

    1. Yeah. I know it’s in different locations. not sure which ones. Definitely worth looking into

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