Oh My Glob! I Love Bloggy Con!

So I went to Bloggy Con 14 over the weekend. I was nervous about the last minute wardrobe change but it went well. I was bummed about not getting to wear the dress but it was way too cold.
I did meet a lot of new people. There were some bloggy friends that I know from various places on the Internet. It was great to meet them in person. The main selfie is of me and my bloggy friend Kristen from ReadySetParenthood. http://readysetparenthood.com/
Next year, I might stay overnight one night. Since I live less than 30 minutes away, I did not stay at the hotel. So I missed out on some bonding time.
It was really difficult to choose which session to go to sometimes. I love having options but it’s easier when one is not appealing. There were so many sessions that had the potential to be extremely helpful. I did love the session about traveling blogs with Cindy Richards from http://www.travelingmom.com/ My vacation is going to be extra super awesome next year.
I learned three things that I can share.
#1. Stay loyal to your audience. Don’t sell out for money or other goodies.
#2. Get a YouTube Channel. I’m a little hesitant but it’s worth a shot. So here it is. My very own YouTube Channel.

#3. Instragram is the best thing ever for bloggers. Why didn’t I know that I could add my website link to Instragram? Well, now I know and have fixed that problem.


I'm hungry and lost in Frontiertown, while wearing heels.
I’m hungry and lost in Frontiertown, while wearing heels.
Lauren Greutman. iamthatlady.com. She's going to be on the Dr. Oz show soon.
Lauren Greutman. iamthatlady.com. She’s going to be on the Dr. Oz show soon.




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    1. It was fun. My feet still hurt. I decided to walk in the park in heels. And then I got lost. But I did finally get the caramel apples for my kids. So it was worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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