Bucket List Goal Completed: Early Morning Photo Walk

Ever since I watched “Yes Man,” I have wanted to do an early morning walk with a group of photographers. It didn’t have to be as funny as in the movie. There didn’t have to be any running either. While at Bloggy Con, I had the opportunity to do such a photo walk at Cedar Point

I could have really used a Red Bull. However, it was really great to be inside the park at sunrise. The park was closed – it was 7 a.m. So there were about a thousand fewer people. A thousand fewer people to walk in front of the camera.

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Here is the scene from “Yes Man.”

5 responses to “Bucket List Goal Completed: Early Morning Photo Walk”

  1. I love that movie! Several years ago I became a Yes Man and it was awesome – and congrats for being able to now cross that off your list!! 🙂 Whoo hooo!

  2. What an amazing opportunity!

    1. It really was! Glad I dragged myself out of bed. 🙂

  3. Thats awesome! I love the pics, that is a really great idea to have on your bucket list. When I was at the beach a few years ago I got up with the sunset and went down to the beach to take photos, it was amazing and so quite. Seriously tranquil with no people other than a few walkers. This makes me want to get up early and just for for a walk around town when its quite and see what fun things I can find to photograph!

    1. Thanks! That’s awesome! I hope you can do it soon & share the photos!! 🙂

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