paris. wish list: #Blogtember

paris. wish list
An ideal day would include trip to Paris. I would go shopping and buy some elegant French dresses. I’d go to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Catacombs. Of course, I would visit Jim Morrison’s gravesite.
I’d drink coffee in a cafe. Should I smoke? I don’t normally smoke. Will I stick out like a sore thumb or like an American tourist if I don’t smoke?
I’d be so touristy with all of the photographs that I would take.
It’s too bad that they took the Love Lock Bridge down. It would’ve been a great photo opp. I’m sure that it was a very popular attraction.
As I’m reading this, I realize that I need a companion and a lover because it is the city of love. So I’m hoping that my boyfriend will tag along, except for the shopping. He really hates shopping. I hate going shopping with someone that hates shopping.
So back to the love part . . .
Dear Boyfriend,
Let’s take lots of selfies with beautiful backgrounds and maybe some kissing and talking with horrible French accents. It will be so lovely.

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