I Changed Stuff . . .

Oh my gosh. I changed my blog theme. I hardly ever change my blog theme. Let’s just call it an experiment.

I also changed the tag line. There’s a first time for everything.

If you don’t like it, you can blame Blogging 201. Change your theme they said, make it more user-friendly they said.

I’m just not one of those people that changes things like blog themes, furniture arrangements or hairstyles.

However, I change dentists and therapists at the drop of a hat.

I also change my mind a lot. I haven’t made up my mind about this theme. It might need some tinkering.
What do you think?


P.S. I found the one. The Spun Theme. Thanks for hanging out while I tinkered. πŸ™‚

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  1. Eeeerm, I’m gonna be honest, and then you’ll hate me and then I’ll cry.
    You need a visible menu along the top or down the side, the drop down menu isn’t obvious and takes up the whole screen when you click on it, it also looks messy.
    You can’t see your old blogs at all, apart from the last three, there’s not much to navigate to.
    It’s also very…. white, I kinda feel like a need sunglasses.
    A bit like me when I get my legs on display.
    Ok, you can hate me now.

  2. I like the new theme, it shows off the content of your blog really well. I think where you have the diversity of content like the photography and imagery that you post the pin board style theme works well for you.
    Love the new tag line too. Mosh pits scared the hell out of me!

    1. Just to add this is me! I was out on my Tablet and I didn’t know my password, I just got home logged in and I thought the comment was going from my main WP account. GRR. The Pin Board thing seems a non issue now, so forget that, but I also agree, this theme needs a more obvious menu.. I may be being blind, but I can’t actually find it at the moment. I do love the Rock Star drama of the back ground on this though, it’s very you!

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