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There are a few bands that I’ve missed seeing this summer because being a responsible adult is a bummer. Ghost Town is one of those bands. For now, I will have to be okay with following their YouTube videos and Instagram.
By the way, here are some questions answered by Alix Koochaki, guitarist/vocalist,  from ghost town. Thank goodness that playing 20 questions with bands still falls in the category of being an adult.

Band members of Ghost Town are Kevin “Ghost” McCullough, Alix “Monster” Koochaki and Manny “MannytheDrummer” Dominick.
This is the best picture.


Who is the best gamer in the group?

Probably Kevin. Our skills and appreciation for the gaming world are mismatched. But I would put Kev against anyone in a match of Mortal Combat.

What is your favorite rock and roll movie

“Rock Star” with Mark Walburg. Such an amazing movie. A tale of fame from rise to fall and all the highs and lows in between. I hope to have a rock n roll story to tell like that some day. Steel Dragon ROCKS!

How has your summer tour been so far?

It’s been great. Full of long days of hard work and playing shows and meeting our Ghosts. Each night I think we can all go to sleep knowing we’ve done the best job we could have done that day and left our positive mark wherever we could.

Do you have a favorite charity?

Loves Not Dead. One our good friends, who we brought on tour with us, has started a great thing in efforts to help those less fortunate and without a home. Each day on tour with us he would feed the homeless and continues to do that and spread that positivity. We will definitely be doing more with ‘Loves Not Dead’ in the future.

Did you expect to be successful? Is is ever surreal?

There has always been a clear vision of seeing myself doing what I am doing today, and the vision grows and takes shape every day. Sometimes in the middle of all the chaos it is easy to get caught up in the daily, but when I’m able to take a step back and reflect, it is definitely a surreal thing. Each day, not only for myself, but my fellow artist and musician you grow and learn and come one step closer to fulfilling what it is we are meant to do as artists and with our art. I will forever be on that journey I feel like, I can only hope my expression finds its way to others and gives them an ounce of hope or help to help them achieve what it is inside them.

Where was your first show? How different was it than your last show?

My very first show as a “band” was in the backyard of one of my best friends house on a makeshift stage his dad made. We played covers for all of our parents and made our first dollar! Ha. Our last show was in Ohio on the Vans Warped Tour in front of FANS! It is truly an honor each day to have the opportunity to play our music to people that genuinely feel some type of way about what we do and what we have created.

Who has been your favorite band at Warped Tour?

This year my favorite band to watch would have to be a tie between I See Stars and The Maine. Both bands have become friends of mine which is a surreal thing in itself being that I grew up in bands watching those bands play and tour and here I am now doing it with them and have the privilege of calling them friends.

Have you ever visited a real Ghost Town?

Yes. Definitely. I’d say multiple. Touring the United States numerous times there have been many time where I ask myself…”who, lives here? How is there life here?” 

Have you had any paranormal experiences?

If you check out one of our vlogs on our YouTube channel you can see one caught on camera. It was at our favorite venue, The Masquerade in Atlanta, which just so happens to be haunted.

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