Lady Wray: Sleep Deprived Music Review


Lady Wray’s solo album Queen Alone came out in 2016 but I just found it today. She was born in Virginia but is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lady Wray reminds me of all of those chicks from the 70s and also the 90s who really put their heart out there for everyone to hear. There’s also a hint of the Jackson 5 in the music.

It’s not a secret that I love old-school R&B/soul singers like Chaka Khan. Some singers are real people with actual feelings and it shows in their music. Wray is one of those true blue artists.

She has had some success in the past. Due to some minor setbacks, it took a while to get her career going. It would be a shame to not listen to Lady Wray. So go out and listen to this album, follow her on Twitter, go see her shows. She is worthy of all of your devotion.

I would like to listen to this album while getting ready to go out dancing. If there could be a dance floor somewhere just for people that were young in the 90s, that would be amazing.

Lady Wray is magical.



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  1. Hey! Thank for visiting, liking, and following me on Obzervashunal. Love hearing new artists, well, she’s new for me. Remind me a bit of Leila James, only Leila’s voice is a lot deeper. If you don’t know Leila Jmes, check her out. 🌞

    1. Oh yeah, I like Leila James. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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